Booking Policies


Booking policies

All prices are listed in USD
Experiences that require minimum 7 days advance booking:
Kintsugi (Kyoto)
Wagasa Umbrella
Guided Forest Trekking

Experiences that require minimum 3 days advance booking:
Shojin Ryori
Sake Brewery Tour (Osaka)
Bamboo Craft
Nihon Buyo (Setagaya)
Glass Bead 

All other experiences should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

If the master is not available on your desired date, we will do our best to provide alternate dates. If rescheduling doesn’t work out, we will issue you a full refund.

There may be times where we cannot provide French/German/Spanish interpreters, in which case we'll provide English interpretation

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 8 days before the experience or, cancel within 12 hours of completing the booking*
*Only applies to bookings made 5-7 days before the experience.
Time and days are all in Japan Standard Time
In the case of no-shows, refunds will not be provided.
To cancel, see our contact details below.

Regarding sudden cancellations by the sumo stable:

While rare, there may be a possibility that training sessions at the sumo stable will be cancelled by the sumo stable, with some advance notice,  based on the needs of the sumo wrestlers and the stable.

In the event that a sumo training is cancelled, we will immediately notify any guests and/or travel agencies that have booked an experience for that date.

For such cases, we will provide a full refund or offer our Edo Kiriko or Shodo experiences, if available, as alternate experience, at no additional cost

If you have any other concerns, please contact customer support at
Phone: +81 (90) 4533 3732 (Weekdays, 09:00AM-6:00PM JST)

Legal Information and notices required by Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Legal Name | G. K. STEIN
Address | 7-5-16 Fukazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0081 JAPAN
Phone | +81 (90) 4533 3732
Email |
Director of operations | Hikaru Ishikawa
Additional fees | None
Exchanges & Returns | According to our booking cancellation policy
Delivery times | Shown on each product page
Accepted payment methods | Credit card and PayPal
Payment period | At the time of purchase
Value | Shown on each product page