Fusahiro is one of the world’s foremost katana sword-makers.
— Temujin Doran, CNN

Own a made-to-order sword of legend.

We’re incredibly excited to announce our representation of Fusahiro Shimojima’s katana sales to foreign and non-Japanese speaking customers.

About Fusahiro Shimojima, Katana Master
It was as a teenager that Fusahiro first saw a katana in person. Facing the 800-year old sword, gleaming in the dark museum, Fusahiro was struck by its pristine condition, testament to its craftsmanship and the legacy of all those who had cared for it across generations. This early encounter inspired Fusahiro to join the ranks of the only 150 or so katana swordsmiths in Japan. For the past 24 years, Fusahiro has devoted himself to making samurai swords, and at age 44, has emerged as one of the world’s foremost katana sword-makers. In his Saitama studio, Fusahiro passionately crafts each katana using traditional methods, responding to custom requests from clients from Japan and across the globe.
In recognition of his remarkable work, Fusahiro has been recently interviewed by CNN. Watch the CNN documentary here.
You can also view Fusahiro’s website here (Japanese only).

Katana specifications
The type of sword that Fusahiro makes is the mamori katana, a special talisman sword that serves as a spiritual safeguard for its owner. Traditionally these swords were enshrined in Japanese homes to ward off evil, a practice which in some places continues till this day. Fusahiro starts with the raw materials, melting iron sand to create solid metal, which he then forges multiple times, extracting its impurities to produce ‘tamahagane’, a steel of the highest quality. Pouring his body and soul into the process, Fusahiro forges and hammers this steel to produce each masterpiece sword.

Ordering your katana
To request a Shimojima katana made to order, please complete the form below. Please note, Shimojima’s masterpiece swords are created using traditional techniques and materials, and as such, can take a minimum of 6 months to complete and cost a minimum of $30,000USD.

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I find joy in creating a sword that supports the mental and spiritual needs of the client, one that can be handed down family generations for hundreds of years.
— Fusahiro Shimojima, swordsmith