Noh theatre workshop

Noh theatre workshop

from 160.00

$160 USD per person

Please make your booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Number of Participants:

Try on traditional Noh costumes on a historic stage and experience the ancient drama


  • Location: Minato, Tokyo

  • 2 hours

  • 10 people max.

  • Offered in Japanese, with friendly Deeper Japan guide interpreting in English
    (French/German/Spanish interpretation may be available upon request)

Thrilling theater

As the oldest major form of Japanese theater still regularly practiced today and a UNESCO world cultural heritage, Noh (能) is considered a prestigious art form in Japanese culture. Noh originated from a combination of performance styles brought from China in the 8th century. These styles were sarugaku, which included pantomime, acrobatics and magic, enjoyed at shrines and roadsides, and gagaku a solemn form of music and dance, reserved for noblemen and the imperial court. Over time, each art form grew in popularity and came together as sarugaku or sarugaku noh. In the 14th century, after many variations, ‘Noh’ was recognized as a term to describe many types of related performances. It defines a ceremonial drama combining dance, music, and intricate props—for spiritual ceremonies viewed by noblemen, as well as in other forms that popular audiences could attend. These traditional rituals and ceremonies remain part of modern performances of Noh. Delicately made masks are used for male performers acting in female roles or for performers playing non-human roles. Initially limited to male performers, Noh opened up to female performers from the 1940s. As this Noh theater, only six performances are performed each year by its resident performers, and each show is only performed once. Learn from professional Noh performers about their art and be a part of this prestigious long history.

What you’ll do

Learn about the history, props and costumes of Noh and watch a professional Noh performance. Then, it’s your turn to learn and perform a short piece of Noh theatre!

What to wear

Please wear clothes that don’t restrict movement.

Who can attend

Children must be 7+


June: 7th & 21st
July: 5th & 19th
August: 9th & 23rd
September: 6th & 15th
October: 12th & 24th
November: 15th & 29th
December: 6th & 20th


25 minutes from Tokyo Station.

Cancellation Policy

Please make your booking at the latest 24 hours in advance. See cancellation policy here.
* A detailed itinerary will be emailed to you once your booking has been confirmed.


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