Get creative in Tokyo.

Try your hand at our authentic workshops taught by Japanese master artisans, and take home your very own masterpiece.

Beauty and philosophy of Kintsugi pottery

In Western thought, people tend to think objects (and people) sporting a few scars is a bad thing. But in the Japanese art of Kintsugi, cracks are a thing to be celebrated and indeed add to the authenticity of that object’s story. Witness this restorative magic in our Kintsugi workshop for yourself, as you mend your own broken pottery using gold and learn from a master with over 30 years experience.

Price: From $160
Location: Suginami-ku, Tokyo


Craft your own delicate candles

Fragility and light meet in this traditional craft of candle-making. You’ll learn to create your own unique candles from scratch at a real Warousoku store. Originating from Buddhist traditions, Japanese ‘Warousoku’ are different from Western candles in that they’re made from plant-based wax, last longer, burn brighter, and produce very little smoke. Pastel colours and textural variations combine for a meditative effect that’s sure to linger with those who behold their transient light.

Price: From $160
Location: Kawagoe, Saitama (1 hr from Tokyo)


Feel the depths of Japan Blue dying

“Aizome blue is not a single colour” - Daigo, Aizome Master

Made from fermented leaves of the indigo plant, this natural dying technique involves repeated soaking into dye baths, resulting in the characteristic intense colour that’s been sought after since ancient times. Don’t let the “tie-dye” appearance deceive you – Aizome patterns come in all kinds of elegant and meaningful designs that enhance the subtle gradations of blue. Create your own unique indigo-dye shirt and scarf at a real Aizome studio with an artisan practicing for over 20 years.

Price: From $220
Location: Hanyu, Saitama (1hr 50mins from Tokyo)


Create floral harmony with Ikebana

Forget everything you know about bouquets and discover the classic artform of Japanese floral arrangement. Learn the significance of scale, angles, balance, shape, and even the right way to cut flowers from a real Ikebana sensei. After you complete your own stunning floral form, you’ll get to take it home too. You’ll never put flowers in a vase the same way again.

Price: From $244
Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo